For My Son

Dear Brett, 

Bretts Little River

Brett’s Little River
copyright Fishburne Arts contact for print information

There are giclee prints available of this oil painting, which is more than ironic, because I have never felt it was truly finished. I suppose by my standards it could never be finished, so I’m glad to have listened to my stalwart “art police,” friends accumulated along the way who have the good sense to know when to leave well-enough alone. 

I have emotional connections to many of the images I put forth. “Brett’s Little River” is entwined in my very being. The original is yours; it exists because of you. I hope you have as many happy memories of this place as I do.  MeMe, you and I picnicked on a sandbar very near this site before you were old enough to even toddle. Over the course of several years you and I spent untold hours wading, watching birds, finding hatched turtle nests, flipping rafts, chasing gobblers, and loving a mostly-hidden wild world.

In a few months you will be a Dad. I wish for you the great joy I have known in being a parent. I wish for your daughter Lilly the same priceless connections to Brett Alexander Seats that I have been fortunate to know. Make sure you take the time to walk with her through wild places, teach her the magic that is our world, and all will be well.

I love you.


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